Meet Amelia

How it all began

My name is Amelia! I am a Bachelor of Business graduate, Marketing Officer, girlfriend, dog mama, ocean lover, logical creative and curiously passionate about human existence & the world around us.

The concept of The Happy Employee came to light after feeling immense pressure from the online world in terms of career progression. I had just landed my first full-time Marketing role after years of study and I felt a wave of happiness rush over me. At the time there was nothing online that promoted happiness within your career if you were employed. Out of desire to connect with others in a similar position to me, The Happy Employee was born. 

Since then, THE has evolved into a community of thousands of women & men, all seeking to cultivate their happiest self, whether that be through work or other facets of life. My intention is to offer you an open, supportive space in hopes to assist you in harnessing your mindset, taking ownership of your life & shifting into a place of happiness.

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