why intention setting is vital

why intention setting is vital

By definition, an intention is an aim or purpose, something you plan to do or achieve. The brilliant thing about an intention is that we have the power to set one every single day (or even moment)! By bringing our awareness to and creating intentions daily, its a sure fire way to bring more of what you want into your life.

Intentions can be big (lifelong) and small (momentary). Regardless, the should be actionable and specific. A brilliant quote we heard around intentions is 'when you set an intention, it provides accountability and allows you to take control of your personal choices and life. It's like laying the foundation for what you'd like to have, feel, experience versus being passive participant going through the motions'.

The best way we like to set an intention is to write or say it as if it's already happened and including the state of feeling you would be in. For example - My intention for today is; I feel inspired and calm as I finalised all tasks that were due.

When you set your mind behind an intention and give your moments direction, you will be AMAZED at how quickly it comes true. Which is the exact reason why intention setting is a part of our big plans daily desk pad.

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