The most mindful marketer I know

A young professional with a degree in marketing & strong values of mindfulness? Say hello to Bec Stewart! An absolute ray of sunshine, Bec shares her daily rituals for happiness & wellness as well as her key to progressing in your career.
Could you tell me a little summary of who you are, what you do and what you’re truly passionate about?
I’m a 24 year old Brissie gal with a passion for all things wellness and mindset! I have a passion for marketing and social media as well, so I use my Instagram account as an outlet for all of these passions!
As a young professional, what is some advice you can give to others about to or who have recently finished their degree and navigating finding full-time work?
Ask questions! Ask as many as you possibly can. Soak up the wisdom and knowledge of the industry professionals within your field!
What does a typical day in your working week look like?
Get up at 5.45am, walk the dog, have some breaky then go to work for 8.30am start and a 4.30pm finish. I work in marketing and community engagement and I love it!
If you could pin-point one time in your working career where you were made to feel empowered for the work you were doing – what would it be?
When an idea or creative concept that I put forward was taken on board, praised and executed in the marketing space! Then for that concept to generate leads or make an impact is THE. BEST. FEELING!
What are some daily rituals/thoughts you perform to promote happiness and wellness within your life?
Exercise, mediation and giving myself ‘me’ time. I like to put the aircon on in my room, light a candle, put some music on, wash my hair, moisturise and just sit with myself to plan or to think. This is a must at least 3 times a week!
Where can we find you?
Find me over on Instagram! @_becstewart xx

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