Happiest Healthy, Hayley.

I often find myself reflecting on what exactly my happiest, healthy self looks like. Hayley Connor has curated a beautiful brand surrounding exactly what this notion means to her, and I am low-key obsessed! Not only does she share the most incredible recipes across her accounts, she is open, honest & loves self-development as much as me.
Could you tell me a little summary of who you are, what you do and what you’re truly passionate about?
I’m a 29 year old lover of all things health, fitness and food. I work in Real Estate as Property Manager, but my true passion is helping people live their happiest healthy life and creating delicious recipes. So I use my instagram page to do this.
You have an amazing account, @the.happiesthealthyproject, where you share the most incredible recipes as well as aspects of your life. Why did you begin this account?
Thank you! I started my account because friends and girls from my local area would always ask what work outs i was doing, or what meal plan I was following. I just thought it would be the easiest way to get the message out there that you dont have to follow what anyone else is doing to be able to live your happiest healthy life!
What does a typical day in your working week look like?
5am Alarm, coffee & journal, 6am Gym class followed by a quick 20-30 minute walk. Home around 7:30 to have breakfast and get ready to be at work for an 8:30 start. 12pm, 1 hour lunch break which i usually use to pop home and work on content for my instagram page. 5pm, finish work and head home to cook dinner, relax and wind down for the day. I’m usually in bed around 8:30pm
If you could pin-point one time in your working career where you were made to feel empowered for the work you were doing – what would it be?
When a new idea and process for our office that i put together was taken on board by the business owner. It was implemented and created incredible change within the business and it felt SO good to be able to make that happen.
What are some daily rituals/thoughts you perform to promote happiness and wellness within your life?
As soon as I wake up in the morning, I journal 5 things I am grateful for. There is absolutely no way you can start your day in a bad mood if you kick it off by writing down all of the great things you have in your life!
Where can we find you?
@the.happiesthealthyproject on instagram and The Happiest Healthy Podcast on all of the great podcast apps :)

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