Day 5 // Happiness Journal Prompts

It's your last day! Day 5 is going end your week with a touch of self-care. Unlike the shadow style work of day 4 (which feels great in hindsight but can be hard to talk to in the moment), these prompts will leave you feeling fabulous!

Grab a pen & paper and get ready for juicy feel good session. 

  1. What makes you feel powerful?
  2. What makes you feel calm?
  3. What makes you feel in control?
  4. How can you celebrate yourself today?
  5. How do you embrace your authentic self, even if it looks different from what others expect?
  6. What new opportunities have come out of challenges you've faced?

If you want more don't forget to view Days 1 through to 4 here. My Happy Days Flip Book is filled with not only journal prompts but affirmations & inspiring quotes. You can find it here if you need.

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