Day 4 // Happiness Journal Prompts

Day 4 prompts are surrounding fear & how to transform and work through them. These prompts can be any fear you may relate to such as fear of failure or of taking risks etc. 

Save this in your tool kit for when you find yourself leading with fear & embrace the possibility of love being your reality.

  1. Name your fears. Complete the following sentence 5 times: “I am afraid that . . .” Then, complete the following sentence: “But, most of all, I am afraid that . . .”

  2. Explore the origin of your fear. With one of your identified fears in mind, answer the following questions: What is my earliest memory of this fear? How old was I? Was it triggered by an event in my life? In what ways — negative and positive — has having that fear affected my life?

  3. Freewrite for ten minutes on the topic: What does it mean to “face your fears”?

  4. Describe your physical reactions to fear. What happens in your body when you feel fearful. Do you perspire? Does your pulse quicken or stomach tighten?

  5. Personify your fear. If your fear were a person, what would he/she/they look like? Describe your fear’s physical attributes in detail and give your fear a name.

  6. Interview your fear. Ask the following questions (and any others that spontaneously occur to you).
    • What does your fear care most about?
    • What does your fear hope to accomplish in your life?
    • How does your fear feel about you?
    • Does your fear trust you? Why or why not?
    • What is your fear afraid of?

  7. After writing about the nature of your fear, its origin, and conducting your interview, write about how you now feel about your fear. Can you appreciate its positive side, for example the ways it has kept you safe? Do you think it’s possible to change your relationship with this fear? What would happen if you did?


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