Day 3 // Happiness Journal Prompts

Todays journal prompts are all about self reflection, particularly around a new month! These prompts are great at reviewing the previous month as well as planning for the next.

Take the time to really feel into each question; reflect on what has happened & how you would like to move forward. You can also continue to use these prompts for months to come! 

  1. How did I feel last month?
  2. What was my happiest moment in the month?
  3. What lessons did I learn & who/what was my teacher?
  4. What stress or concern worked its way out?
  5. What areas did I grow most in?
  6. How did I go goals wise?
  7. How to I want to feel in the new month?
  8. What will I have achieved in the new month?

 Don't hold back, be honest yet kind with yourself 💛

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