Day 1 // Happiness Journal Prompts

Hello happy human,

Welcome to Day 1 of my 5 days of free journal prompts to cultivate happiness. Journaling is my go-to ritual to calm my mind & I personally know the power of a good prompt to get you in flow. If you've never journaled before - don't stress! Journaling is honestly whatever you make it, whether it be 1 sentence or a full pages, it doesn't matter & is more about the act of mindfulness rather than the quantity of words. 

Todays prompts are all around gratitude. Find a quiet space, light some incense & enjoy this time to pay attention to what is on your mind.

  1. What went well yesterday?
  2. List 3 things you are grateful for today (what makes you so happy you could cry?!)
  3. What relationships are you thankful for?
  4. Describe 5 traits that make you proud of who you are?
  5. What is something nice another person did for you today or this week?
  6. What is something nice you did for another person today or this week?

Stay tuned for day 2 journal prompts releasing here on the 5/8/21.

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